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Taiwan, also known as Formosa, is a small but fertile island surrounded by ocean. Located in the subtropical zone, Taiwan has the perfect weather and land to grow all kinds of delicious fruit. It’s not a surprise that people called it the “Fruit Kingdom”. Good fruit is also driven by hard-working and passionate farmers, who spent their days in the hot sun and tough weather. Traditionally, different fruits in Taiwan are given for their unique symbolisms to wish someone good luck. This gifting culture is also an important social aspect of Taiwanese life. Giving high-end fruits to each other shows the appreciation towards the person. The identity for this brand is heavily inspired by Asian aesthetic, such as the paper-cut style for the fruit icons. This project includes three fruit packagings for Apple, Cantaloupe, and Strawberry, and a catalog that introduces the fruit cultures.

PROJECT TYPE Packaging, Editorial, Branding Design  ART DIRECTION Abby Ryan Guido, Tyler School of Art  PHOTOGRAPHY Austen Michael Hart & Colleen DeMenna