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“A few hours of honest help per day in return for cultural exchange, food and accommodation.” Workaway is an international organization that connects people to arrange voluntary work exchanges. It gives budget travelers the access and freedom to travel the world without worrying so much about the price of meals and accommodation. Through this process, workawayers will gain unique experiences by being immersed in the local culture and daily life. I was very interested in the idea of cultural exchange and being engaged with the locals through traveling. My goal for this project is to create a new identity and bring more playfulness into this identity. The style was inspired by using the geometric decomposition of the international flags and using these elements to create images that emphasize the idea of cultural exchange, along with organic elements in the paper cut style to add a layer of personality and authenticity.

PROJECT TYPE Branding, UI/UX/, Web Design  ART DIRECTION Dustin Summers, Tyler School of Art  PHOTOGRAPHY Austen Michael Hart